Hi there! My name is Bernhard Strobl, welcome to my site :).

Having originally developed litte projects for graphing calculators and archaic Palm OS 5 devices, I have moved on to developing unique games in my spare time.

Right now I am still completing my masters at the university of applied sciences in kempten, Germany. A few of the projects I have contributed to include the game Please Proceed (https://games.hs-kempten.de/please-proceed/) and a Vulkan based filter project (https://games.hs-kempten.de/raeumliche-und-zeitliche-filter-fuer-echtzeit-raytracing/).

I have also just recently released my first fully completed game for iOS called Steaming Penguins. It runs on a custom 2D engine, with graphics created in Carrara, music in GarageBand and sounds partially in a garage ;).

Some of my favorite games include Breath of the Wild, Frostpunk and Atom Zombie Smasher.